What Advice Can Lead to Breakthroughs in Client Customer Engagement Strategies?


    What Advice Can Lead to Breakthroughs in Client Customer Engagement Strategies?

    In the quest to revolutionize customer engagement, we've gathered wisdom from top consultants, including Founders and CEOs. From creating a user community platform to focusing on localized, tailored services, explore the five transformative pieces of advice that have propelled client strategies forward.

    • Create a User Community Platform
    • Shift to Story-Driven Content Marketing
    • Implement Relationship-Serving Model
    • Involve Customers in Co-Creation
    • Focus on Localized, Tailored Services

    Create a User Community Platform

    In my tenure as CEO of Harmonic Reach, and former founder of GrooveShark, a significant breakthrough came from employing a customer-centric marketing strategy, particularly with a music streaming service startup, reminiscent of my days at GrooveShark. The advice I shared with them was to revamp their approach to engagement by creating a user community platform. This platform served as both a feedback mechanism and a space for users to share their experiences and music discoveries.

    We implemented features that allowed users to create and share playlists, rate songs, and participate in forums. This not only fostered a sense of belonging among users but also provided invaluable insights directly from the target audience about their preferences and behaviors. The startup saw a 50% increase in user engagement and a noticeable spike in subscription rates within the first three months post-implementation.

    Building a community platform proved crucial. It transformed passive listeners into active contributors, enhancing the value they derived from the service while simultaneously delivering actionable data to the startup. This approach, rooted in putting the customer at the center of the strategy, illustrates the profound impact of leveraging user engagement to drive growth. By inviting customers to be part of the conversation and the creation process, businesses can unlock new levels of loyalty and insight, which are instrumental in crafting a superior product or service offering.

    Sam Tarantino
    Sam TarantinoFounder, Harmonic Reach

    Shift to Story-Driven Content Marketing

    From over 25 years of experience working with small and medium-sized businesses at FireRock Marketing, one critical piece of advice I've offered, which led to a significant breakthrough in customer engagement strategy, revolves around the integration and optimization of content marketing. Specifically, shifting focus from a broad, generalized content strategy to a hyper-targeted, story-driven approach.

    For instance, we worked with a local fitness center struggling to increase membership sign-ups and retain existing members. We overhauled their content marketing strategy to focus on personal success stories and highlighted the unique journeys of their members, rather than just promoting equipment or classes. This not only humanized the brand but also fostered a deeper connection with their audience. Engagement metrics soared, with a 70% increase in social media interaction and a 40% uplift in membership consultations within the first three months post-launch.

    The key takeaway here is the power of relatable, authentic content. By meticulously understanding your audience and crafting content that strikes a chord with their personal experiences, businesses can transform their engagement strategies effectively. Additionally, implementing a feedback loop, where customer responses and interactions inform ongoing content creation, can ensure that the messaging remains relevant and engaging. This approach not only attracts but also retains, nurturing a community around the brand.

    Ryan Esco
    Ryan EscoChief Marketing Officer, FireRock Marketing

    Implement Relationship-Serving Model

    With all of my clients, we figure out how to create a Relationship-Serving model based on the F.O.R.D. concept (or F.R.O.G. to some). It has been widely found that you can stay in front of consumers, leads, clients, and customers as long as you are giving them VALUE. This can be in the form of personal or business value. It could be how a product or service you have will help them solve a problem they have; it also can be how you know the person is a huge sports fan and you just saw an article about their favorite team and forwarded it to them because you thought they would enjoy it. Asking questions, listening, asking deeper questions, and then saving your notes gives you plenty of opportunities to add value. Schedule interactions into your calendar; I call it Authentic Automation. An example could be every Tuesday you pick five people to reach out to. You research something that could be of value to them based on what you know of them, or look at their social media, and reach out.

    Sean Wait
    Sean WaitSales Coach, W.E. Sales Coaching LLC

    Involve Customers in Co-Creation

    Co-creation and collaboration are strategies that I have personally found to be incredibly valuable. Encouraging clients to involve customers in the co-creation process has proven to be a game-changer. By inviting customers to provide input, ideas, and feedback, we can create a sense of ownership and build stronger relationships.

    This collaborative approach can enhance customer engagement and also lead to innovative solutions that meet their expectations. It allows us to gain valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, ensuring that our products and services are tailored to their requirements. By actively involving customers in the co-creation process, we create a sense of partnership and loyalty, ultimately driving growth and success for our business.

    Travis Willis
    Travis WillisDirector of Customer Success, Aspire

    Focus on Localized, Tailored Services

    In my experience at The Waste Box, a pivotal strategy we employed was focusing on local community engagement and tailored services for specific customer segments. Understanding that each client, whether a contractor or an industrial business, had unique needs led us to create customizable refuse management solutions. This personalization significantly enhanced our customer engagement, as clients felt heard and valued.

    For example, we introduced a dedicated hotline and live chat service, enabling immediate response to customer inquiries and real-time schedule adjustments for dumpster deliveries and pickups. This direct line of communication not only improved our operational efficiency but also fostered a sense of trust and reliability among our clients. By actively listening and responding to the specific needs of our customers, we were able to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Adopting a community-focused approach also played a crucial role. We partnered with local contractors and agencies during times of disaster and unexpected emergencies for rapid debris cleanup, which not only aided the community in times of need but also increased our visibility and bolstered our reputation as a reliable, community-first company. The result was a noticeable increase in both new and repeat business, proving the effectiveness of blending personalized service with community involvement. By prioritizing customer-specific needs and community engagement, companies can drive significant improvements in customer engagement and business growth.

    Keith Kepplin
    Keith KepplinCEO, Wastebox