What's one tip for approaching a business to sell your services to their customers?

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    What's one tip for approaching a business to sell your services to their customers?

    From making sure you add value to doing added research, here are five answers to the question, What are a few highly recommended tips for approaching a business to sell your services to their customers?

    • Add Value to their Existing Relationship
    • Use Video to Approach
    • Ask, “What's in It for Them?”
    • Find Your Kind of People
    • Do Your Homework

    Add Value to their Existing Relationship

    When you're approaching a business to sell your services to their customers, it's important to remember that they're already working with a vendor and you don't want to disrupt that relationship. It's best to approach the business with an offer to add value to its existing relationship.

    For instance, you could offer to provide customer support, manage orders, or offer discounts to their customers. If you approach them with a sales pitch for your services, it could make the existing vendor feel threatened and cause them to lose business. By adding value to their relationship with their existing vendor, you can help build a mutually beneficial partnership that can all benefit the business.

    Matthew Ramirez
    Matthew RamirezFounder, Paraphrasing Tool

    Use Video to Approach

    Using video to approach a business to sell your services can be a highly effective way to showcase your expertise and build trust with potential clients.

    When preparing your video pitch, it's important to have a clear and concise script that highlights the benefits of your services and how they can meet the needs of the business and its customers. Choose the right format, such as a live video, pre-recorded video, or video presentation, and make the video visually appealing by using high-quality equipment and a professional background. Speak confidently and engage with the audience by making eye contact with the camera and being enthusiastic about your services.

    Finally, end your video with a strong call to action, encouraging the business to get in touch or offering to set up a follow-up meeting to discuss how you can help. A well-crafted video pitch can be a powerful tool for building relationships and securing new clients.

    Sanket Shah
    Sanket ShahCEO, Invideo AI

    Ask, “What's in It for Them?”

    Just because it will benefit their customers doesn't mean they'll be moved enough for you to get access to their customer list. That's their greatest asset.

    Approach partnering with another business as selling them a product or service. What do they stand to gain? How do you reduce the risk for them? How can you sweeten the deal, etc.?

    If you approach it in the same way and structure it like a genuine offer, they'll be much more likely to work with you.

    Daniel Ndukwu
    Daniel NdukwuCMO and Co-founder, DoxFlowy

    Find Your Kind of People

    Find kindred spirits. Only approach businesses that share your DNA in some way. For example, if you're a healthy snacks company, consider working with an organic juicery. Look at the company's mission first before even considering a partnership of any kind. In the end, you want to collaborate with like-minded people who'll root for each other!

    Kenneth Lin
    Kenneth LinCEO, BOOP Bakery

    Do Your Homework

    Do your homework on the company before making that first contact. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Come into that first meeting with information on the company's history, as well as any recent press they've had. Research their industry and how it's been performing. Get to know their top competitors.

    Come prepared with several open-ended questions that get the customer talking about challenges they've faced. This shows you're thinking of their success and truly interested in understanding their business...not just the quick dollar.

    Aaron Chappell
    Aaron ChappellPartner, Surety Systems, Inc.

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