How Do You Integrate ESG Considerations into Consulting Projects?


    How Do You Integrate ESG Considerations into Consulting Projects?

    We've gathered insights from top professionals, including ESG Consultants and Sustainability Consultants, on how to weave environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into consulting projects. From identifying ESG strategies with tech solutions to integrating ESG principles in digital marketing, explore the six expert strategies that can enhance your consulting engagements.

    • Identify ESG Strategy with Tech Solutions
    • Highlight Environmental Impact in Engagements
    • Deliver ESG Solutions and Sustainable Culture
    • Emphasize Social Pillar in Real Estate
    • Develop Tailored ESG Strategies for Clients
    • Integrate ESG Principles in Digital Marketing

    Identify ESG Strategy with Tech Solutions

    Consulting projects by ESG consultants help companies identify their ESG strategy and goals. Once this is done, corporates require technology solutions like Lythouse to accurately measure their environmental footprint (e.g., carbon emissions, including Scope 3) and year-on-year progress against these targets. This also then needs to be reported as per various global frameworks. Finally, beyond reporting, companies want to transform their ESG practice and derive value from the same, which requires strong collaboration internally (various teams, departments, and regions) and externally (suppliers) to make progress on their goals. Lythouse has over two decades of expertise in building AI-powered solutions and supplier collaboration. Hence, it is an ideal partner to leading consultants to deliver value to customers.

    Karan Bathija
    Karan BathijaESG Consultant, Lythouse

    Highlight Environmental Impact in Engagements

    I provide consultancy services to our top clients and accounts at Wainbee as a strategy to nurture relationships for long-term business growth. Power generation and renewable energy are one of our most essential and emerging markets. I strive to incorporate environmental considerations into my engagements, highlighting that Wainbee ensures clean, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy choices in all applications we engineer. We provide high-performance products and technologies that are fuel-efficient and low-emission from our top partner brands.

    Campbell Tourgis
    Campbell TourgisExecutive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Wainbee

    Deliver ESG Solutions and Sustainable Culture

    ESG is here to stay—it has disrupted every market and every sector by bringing positive change to how a business operates. Our clients know this, and we know this. As a world-class engineering and consulting firm, Jacobs delivers bleeding-edge ESG solutions to clients as they ask for it, but also incorporates sustainability into everything we do. As one of only a few firms that can consult on solutions and then deliver that solution, we are in a unique position to help our clients from project start to finish. We have made a goal to incorporate the U.N. SDGs into every project we are involved with, worldwide, and have set a tone of sustainability within our company culture. ESG is a key focus in every layer of our business and increasingly informs our internal functions and external client engagements.

    Raymond BiblaSustainability Consultant, Jacobs

    Emphasize Social Pillar in Real Estate

    Within the real estate industry, our clients have increasingly prioritized ESG disclosure and engaging tenants around ESG-related initiatives. While ESG has been around for a long time, the 'social' and 'governance' pillars haven't traditionally been as well-defined as the 'environmental' component. In our sustainability consulting work, we emphasize the value of the social pillar in particular—in an effort to help the client differentiate themselves among competitors.

    Frameworks such as WELL Certification may be a point of differentiation for clients who have been committed to environmental initiatives and are now seeking to expand their social and governance presence. It's crucial for ESG considerations to be outlined from the outset, as that allows us to develop effective and impactful strategies and projects for the client. ESG can also act as a roadmap for the client to attract and retain desirable tenants. For clients looking to stay attuned to a rapidly changing real estate landscape, ESG can be central to their way of operating.

    Jennifer Chen
    Jennifer ChenSustainability & Wellness Consultant, Premier Environmental Services

    Develop Tailored ESG Strategies for Clients

    Incorporating ESG considerations into our consulting engagements is integral to our approach. We begin by conducting comprehensive assessments to identify environmental risks, social impacts, and governance gaps within our clients' operations. We then work closely with stakeholders to develop tailored strategies that enhance sustainability, promote social responsibility, and strengthen governance frameworks. By integrating ESG principles into decision-making processes and advising on transparent reporting practices, we help clients not only mitigate risks but also seize opportunities for long-term value creation and positive societal impact.

    Shiv RohatgiConsultant, Grant Thornton Bharat

    Integrate ESG Principles in Digital Marketing

    In our digital marketing agency, we place a high emphasis on integrating ESG principles into every consulting engagement. For instance, during a recent project with a clothing retailer, we worked to improve their environmental impact by optimizing their digital infrastructure to reduce energy consumption. Socially, we helped them create a campaign that highlighted their commitment to fair labor practices, resonating deeply with their customer base.

    From a governance standpoint, we ensured their marketing strategies were transparent and data-compliant, building trust with stakeholders and customers alike. It's about creating a strategy that not only drives financial performance but also generates a positive societal impact.

    While ESG considerations may seem like a recent trend, we have been advocating for their importance long before they became mainstream. Our team understands that sustainable business practices are not only ethically responsible but also critical to the long-term success of any organization. As leaders in the marketing industry, we strive to set an example and inspire others to follow suit.

    Tristan Harris
    Tristan HarrisDemand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency